Minecraft Premium Gratuit
Posted 10 August 2014 / By admin / General
compte minecraft premium gratuit

Obtenir un compte minecraft premium.

Cherchez-vous un compte Premium Minecraft, mais ne veulent pas payer $ 26,95 pour cela? Pas de problème, dans ce post vous fux apprendre à obtenir un compte premium Minecraft gratuitement. Lors du démarrage d’une recherche Google pour “compte Minecraft gratuit” ou similaire terme de recherche, vous obtiendrez 1000 des résultats prometteurs qui offrent Minecraft premium gratuitement, attention, la plupart de ces offres sont des escroqueries qui vous promettent beaucoup, mais à la fin vous rien obtenir et le gars qui exécute ces sites Web douteux obtient des données PERSONNELLES de vous parce que la plupart de ces sites Web de scamer vous invitent à entrer au moins votre adresse e-mail et dans certains cas même de l’information plus privé afin d’obtenir la libre compte Minecraft Premium! Ne jamais entrer vos données réel, utiliser de faux noms et adresses e-mail à la place!

Cependant, il existe également des sites légitimes là-bas, j’ai passé un certain temps à la recherche et a trouvé quelques sites qui ne sont faux et livraison ce qui promettait: un compte gratuit Minecraft. Certains de ces sites testés également requis l’inscription ou offre achèvement, mais ces offres proviennent d’entreprises légitimes, qui sont conformes à toutes les exigences de la vie privée, en cas de doute à propos de Il suffit d’entrer les données de faux pour être sur le côté sécuritaire.

Sites Web recommandés:  http://richboysblog.com/wp-content/thumbs_cache/df8/df8674234e9874504b17ae305919f4ec-320_90.jpg?mtime=1407045858

MinecraftGratuit.net légitime

Free Minecraft Server Hosting
Posted 30 May 2014 / By admin / General

free minecraft server hosting


Ever wanted to have your own Minecraft server for free? Well, it’s possible! In recent month more and more website, offering free Minecraft server hosting, have popped up on the internet. Of course most of them are scam websites that won’t give you anything but there also some legit ones that keep up with their promises, best example is the website that I recommend for getting a free Minecraft server. It provided me with full functional 24 Slots Minecraft server and also offers an easy to use configuration interface, that allows you to change the mod that is running on the server or install additional plugins with just one click. The overall performance of the free Minecraft server hosting is good with enough CPU power and a sufficient amount of RAM available for the Minecraft server. However, I noticed a slight decrease in performance during peak hours but I guess that is acceptable  for a free Minecraft server hosting. Support is also very responsive, after contacting them because of the above mentioned performance issue they moved my free Minecraft server to another dedicated machine what solved the problem. I can really recommend this site if you are looking for free Minecraft Server Hosting.

Recommended Website:
http://richboysblog.com/wp-content/thumbs_cache/b62/b6292744f4de5c8fd785697ec3a7a62f-320_90.jpg?mtime=1425013450 freeminecraftserverhoster.net legit

Free Bitcoins
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bitcoins for free

Mine free bitcoins lightning fast!

Never heard of bitcoins? According to their inventors it is the currency of the future! The virtual currency only exists on computers, no “real money”, that brings some good and some bad things with it. The bad things are obvious: If you lose your electronic bitcoin wallet you will lose your bitcoins forever! However, the advantages of this virtual currency are outstanding: its anonymous, nobody can see where you send your bitcoins and who pays you by bitcoins, for sending an receiving coins all you need is your unique bitcoin wallet address , which is basically like a highly encrypted password and can be changed for every transaction if desired. Ultimately the best thing about bitcoins is that you can obtain them for free, by mining. Mining means that your computer will create new bitcoins by solving complex equations to produce new coins, the downside is, that it takes months for mining just one single bitcoin, at least with a home computer. But you can overcome this struggle for free money by using a cluster network of high-speed servers to mine bitcoins in seconds! Don’t have a server cluster at your disposal? No problem there are websites that maintain their own network and make it publicly usable, of course the amount of free bitcoins you can mine is restricted to counter abuse of the service, for example the site that I have tested let you mine up to 5 free bitcoins every 72 hours.

Recommended Websites:


bitcoinsfree.org legit

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes
Posted 1 May 2014 / By admin / General

free amazon gift card codes

Tell me the one place you think about first, when it comes to online shopping? I’ll bet, it’s Amazon.com! There is no other online shop that offers the same product diversity like Amazon, you can order anything from there, no need to leave your house anymore! Most of the time prices are also lower than in classic retail store when it comes for example to electronics and it gets even more cheaper when you have a free Amazon Gift Card Code to redeem during checkout. Don’t have an Amazon Gift Code? Should be no problem to find one on the WWW, when you know what you are doing. So you still reading? May I assume that you don’t know how to get a free Amazon Gift Card Code then? Okay, I will give you a short walk-through on how to get one. If you are reading my articles frequently you know that I always warn of scam websites in certain topics, same applies here, so do your due-diligence and stay safe, that means don’t enter any real personal information when you don’t trust the website or leave it, when the promises made sound to good to be true!  If you’re too lazy to find a working Amazon Gift Code website yourself, I have, as always, tested some websites on their trustworthiness and their legitimacy of twelve websites tested only ONE provided me with a working $20 Amazon Gift Code, which could successfully be redeemed during checkout at Amazon.com, you can find the link below.

Recommended Websites:
http://richboysblog.com/wp-content/thumbs_cache/0fb/0fbbe05a50eb286eb78714a3f8f608d7-320_90.jpg?mtime=1425013450 AzonGift.com legit

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes
Posted 26 April 2014 / By admin / General

iTunes Gift Codes

In need for some new beats on your mobile or on your iPod but no balance in your iTunes account? Ist there a way to get iTunes gift card codes for free? Of course it is, you can get almost anything for free on the internet if you know where to look for it and how to avoid cheap scams! Regular readers of my blog might skip the following part, because you know already that you have to be careful when it comes to getting free stuff on the internet, in this case free itunes codes. For those of you who don’t know I will this sum up shortly to make you aware of the dangers of the “internet freebie business”. Basically everywhere on the internet you are promised to get something for free like an iPhone, a free Xbox…etc. but 95% of this offers are scam, the guys who run these website get money for tricking people into entering their personal data or downloading a free iTunes Code Generator that is actually a trojan horse they use to gather for example credit card details or account credentials. What they do with it, they abuse it, order stuff in your name or post spam adverts with your facebook account, the scenarios are endless. Therefore be careful, when a website promises to give away free iTunes gift codes you might get scammed! As always, I checked some websites that offer free iTunes Gift Codes, the ones that actually supplied me with a working free iTunes Gift Card Code can be found below this post.

Recommended Websites:

http://richboysblog.com/wp-content/thumbs_cache/999/99954d05d2cf14c0d6de367eceeebfe0-320_90.jpg?mtime=1423183633 itunesgiftcardcodes.org legit

Free Google Play Store Codes
Posted 23 April 2014 / By admin / General


Want to download some new games for your Android device? Or need some new tunes for your mobile? Easy, just open Google’s Play Store and download! It’s not for free you say and you have not sufficient funds in your Google Play Account? What now, ether you load some funds by using your Credit Card or any other of the funding methods or you start digging the internet for a free Google Play Card Codes, the later one does surly save you some money but it’s not an easy task to accomplish. There are a lot of fake websites and fake Google Play Card Code Generators out there, that don’t give you anything maybe a downloadable virus if you have hard luck! Never ever download anything from a website you don’t know and don’t trust, moreover this downloadable Google Play Code Generators do NEVER work, they are in most cases just a piece of junk code that shall trick you into making the creator some cash. Once again I looked for some legit sites that give away real Play Card Codes for free, I checked around 20 websites and found a single website that gave me a free Google Play Card Code worth $20, you can find that website below.

Recommended Websites:

Freeplaycards.com legit

Free Facebook Credits
Posted 21 April 2014 / By admin / General


So you want to buy items for your favorite Facebook App but you are missing one thing to do so, Facebook Credits! Facebook Credits are basically Facebook’s’ own currency, if you want to buy anything on Facebook (items in games etc.) you need Facebook Credits. The bad thing is, that you have to buy this virtual currency with real money. No problem, some of you might say now, there are plenty of free Facebook Credit Generators or Facebook Credit Code Generators out there, I will have fresh Facebook credits in no time! Really? Have you ever successfully used on of this free Facebook Credit sites or a downloadable Facebook Credit Generator? Most likely not! After conducting a little study on this topic, I’ve tested around 50 websites, I can say, that just found a handful websites that gave me free Facebook Credits, the rest forced me to enter personal data or download suspicious files to my computer and of course I haven’t got the promised free Facebook credits in return! All I can say is: BE CAREFUL! After running the files I did download through an Virus Scanner it told my that I had downloaded a total of 56 malicious files!  But as I said, there are also legit websites out there, that do give away free Facebook Credit Codes, those can be found below this post.

Recommended Websites:


FreeFBcredits.org legit 


Free Playstation Plus Codes
Posted 19 April 2014 / By admin / General


So you are looking for a free Playstation Plus subscription code? Then be thankful that you’ve landed on my blog! Cause there are a lot of scam websites out there, that promise to give you a free PSN Plus Code but take your personal info instead or download a virus to your computer! Whenever it comes to freebies on the internet you have to be careful as a lot of fraudsters are trying to make money by pretending to give a way free stuff, what will you get in the end? A big fat NOTHING! So be careful when visiting a website that offers free Playstation Plus Codes, you can mostly judge from the looks of the websites if they are legit: If its a crappy free host website on a sub domain it’s most likely a scam! Also if the webmaster of that site seems to have problems with proper English grammar you should leave the page instantly.

I did have a hard time to find any legit websites that do give away free Playstation Plus Codes but after digging for like 3 hours I finally found a website that did provide me a working free Playstation Plus Code!

Recommended Websites:


Freeplaystationpluscode.net legit

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes
Posted 17 April 2014 / By admin / General


Do you need Xbox Live Gold Code to extend you subscription but don’t want to pay for it? No problem, there are plenty of free Xbox Live Gold Codes Generators on the Internet. Do most of them work as advertised? Clearly NO! As always there are lots of scam sites out there, so watch out which websites you are going to use, be especially careful when downloading a “Xbox Live Gold Code Generator”, these malicious programs do never work as intended, their sole purpose is to trick you into downloading a hidden virus or trojan on to your PC. The damage those files can cause is immense. My tip is: Just pass by, if you are prompted to download a code generator. As always, I have done a little research in this topic and found legit websites with no downloads, that give you free Xbox Live Gold Codes.

Recommended Websites:

http://xboxlivegoldcodes.net legit

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